The 5 best cities in Spain to visit

Modernist or medieval, walled or peninsular, hanging from an abyss or caressed by the sea, these are the 5 best cities in Spain to visit at least once in your life. Don't miss them when we can travel again!

Discover the bustling Spain, the silent Spain, the monumental Spain, the baroque Spain, the modern Spain and the modernist Spain through the 100 best Spanish cities and towns that you must visit at least once in your life. Discover its cobbled streets, admire its most iconic monuments, meet its charming people and, of course, savor its succulent delicacies. Take a walk through the most beautiful villas in Spain with Skyscanner. We anticipate that they are not all that are, but we assure you that they are all that are.

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1.      Madrid

The capital of Spain is a monumental and fast-paced city. This great town impresses anyone who walks through it for its grandiose avenues and its eventful historic center. Get lost in the Retiro Park and let yourself be enthralled by the wonderful Crystal Palace. If you get the urge, order a sandwich with squid in one of the bars in the Plaza Mayor. And before the end of the day, stop by to enjoy the best sunset at the Temple of Debod. Madrid is one of the best cities in Spain to visit at least once in your life.

2.      Barcelona, ​​Catalonia

Modernist monuments such as the Sagrada Familia with its intricate stone interiors or La Pedrera with its curious rounded shapes are what make Barcelona great. You will have the best views of the city from Park Güell (although the views from Montjuïc Castle are not wasted either). Take a walk through Barceloneta and enjoy the typical bomba (a hearty tapa made with potatoes and minced meat) in front of the sea. It is one of the destinations in Spain to visit yes or yes.

3.      Santiago de Compostela, Galicia


There are several reasons why a visit to Santiago de Compostela is a must, and not only for pilgrims. The first and most important, the fabulous Cathedral with its opulent Obradoiro façade, the Puerta de las Platerías and, of course?, the mythical Botafumeiro. The second, its historic center in general. Narrow cobbled streets, charming porticoes and monuments on every corner are not for less.

4.      Seville, Andalusia

Seville is one of the 100 best cities in Spain that you will not be able to stop seeing no matter how little time you have during the year. And it is that few Spanish cities can boast of having as much history, monuments of interest and charming corners as this jewel of the south. What, of course, you cannot miss on your visit to the Andalusian capital will be the Giralda and the Reales Alcázares. End the day with a tapa of ham and a glass of manzanilla at the foot of the Guadalquivir.

5.      Merida, Extremadura

Many would be the ones who would back down if they had to retreat to a foreign country surrounded by hostile tribes. But the veterans of Legio V, Alaudae and Legio X Gemina were not the majority. They were soldiers of Julius Caesar and the heroes of the Cantabrian War. They were also engineers who built fortresses, aqueducts and bridges. Thus, in the year 25 BC, they did not hesitate to move with their families to the central west of Spain. And so Merida was born. A city that still preserves that power of yesteryear with the Temple of Diana, the Portico of the Forum, the Alcazaba and the Roman Bridge. Mérida is one of those cities in Spain to visit on a weekend and fall in love with it.